The Top



Mini penthouse on the top floor of the residence where you can easily touch the sky with a finger …

The 61 sq mt LOFT is impresive because of the view from the window wall it is at a very hight place compared to the sea level.

The Beach

The private beach is accessible directly from the apartments and is reserved only to the residents of the residence, this allows a rare peace and tranquility even in the crowded summer months. The Private bar available for the guests makes the location even more exclusive.

Residence Europe

Oasis of „Peace and Calm“ in an exclusive position overlooking the sea.

Residence Europa is the ideal solution for those seeking a place to experience the sea in a unique and privileged way.

The lodges, all different from each other, have been elegantly decorated and benefit from new generation plants and sistems that provide high comfort at any time of the year.

The private parking lots (not includedin the price) are connected directly to the common gardens and make it extremely easy to access the houses.

The Residence is located in a perfect location …. a few minutes drive from the international airport and from the city of Trieste




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