Sea-Front Bright


On sale there is a flat (110 cadastral sqm.) in good shape, located in a small (six apartments only) and recently constructed building.

The property consists of a dining room, open kitchen, two bathrooms, a sleeping room, a smaller sleeping room, a storage closet, and finally another small room (which can be used as a studio, utility room or even third bedroom). Additionally, t sports two balconies. All the required documents are readily available and provided.

The location is ideal: just in front of the beach, and close to D’Annunzio pine forest. Both Pescara and Francavilla town centres can be easily reached -even on a bicycle- since the house is just halfway in the middle of the two and close to one of the local freeway exits, so that the whole town is well connected. Abruzzo Airport is five minutes by car.

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