Castro Pretorio


Castro Pretorio, Via Gaeta, height Via Volturno, in old building with lift, bright and quiet fourth floor of 90 square meters, comprises entrance hall, living room, two bedrooms, bedroom, bathroom with window, kitchen and utility room.

The property is renovated with central heating, interior views and is very quiet and at the same time bright. The solution is suitable for both residential use and for investment or receptive (holiday) The district of Castro Pretorio has a mesh-style road course Piedmontese with straight roads orthogonal layout, with the center in Independence Square.

This is the most populated area of “‹”‹the district, where live urbanistically villas with two floors reduced to almost all hotels and residences, palaces umbertini Residential, office and hotel more or less luxurious, the latter in order to accommodate the large number of tourists from the nearby Termini Station.

The most monumental of the district, the most “international” because of the large flow of tourists, is Piazza della Repubblica and Via Nazionale, the crossroads of the Quattro Fontane and Via Cavour, major arteries of both pedestrian and vehicular connection between the station and the old town, a popular destination for every tourist

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