In Collecorvino (PE), Valle Lupo district, for sale is a 200 sqm single-family villa, completely refurbished.

On the ground floor (80 sqm) there is a hall, a big kitchen with back kitchen and fireplace, and a bathroom with bathtub.

The first floor measures approx. 65 sqm and consists of two bedrooms and one bathroom, in addition there are a balcony and a wide terrace (a project was already been approved for the terrace to be partially closed, so that the inner space could be easily expanded if required).

The second floor is an open-space attic with bathroom.

Outside there is a 800 sqm manicured garden with both ornamental and fruit trees, with an ancient oven and a small box with electricity, running water and WC.

The whole house is in mint condition, and could be a great deal to be converted into a “bed & breakfast” accommodation.

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